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We Move is the first company in Slovenia that provides a complete outsource logistics solution at your location. And when we say 360 degrees logistics solution, we really mean it.

If you are in a constant search for experienced warehouse workers and foremen with the desired efficiency and work ethic - We Move will deliver fully equipped and dedicated teams and will take the responsibility for the onboarding, presence, professionalism, and management in the workplace.

If you would like to focus on your main operations and leave internal logistics to a pro, then We Move can take over your entire warehouse and logistics operations, providing dedicated teams and equipment, at all your locations.

If you’re fed up with unpredictable demand and scope of work in internal logistics, order picking, warehousing operations, etc. - just leave it all to us and the We Move team will take care of the peaks and lows.

What's your gain?

  • On-demand, on-site, extremely responsive, and extra flexible internal logistics/warehousing services.
  • Lower logistics cost per/product.
  • Time to focus on your core business.
  • No more headaches with finding, onboarding, managing, and replacing the logistics personnel.
  • We Move executes all activities at customers’ premises so clients maintain full control over the logistics process.

WE MOVE has tailor-made solutions for big and small and we enjoy beneficial partnerships with companies from production, trade, online sales, etc.

Direct lines:

M: 041 642 737 - Managing Director

M: 041 870 870 - Head of Logistics processes