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The main reason that using a 3PL service for a brand, big or small, is that outsourced logistics frees up a business to focus on what they do best. As organisations grow and expand, they are unable to keep up with the constant changes and advances in the world of logistics. While in-house departments were once sufficient to handle the tech, marketing and distribution needs of a company, the expansion created by globalisation and the Internet has changed all that.

Benefits of a 3PL

Four main reasons why businesses are turning to 3PL are:

  1. Overall cost for supply-chain
  2. Flexibility and adaptability
  3. Capital investment and ongoing expansion needs
  4. Improvement of service levels thanks to a dedicated logistics provider

On-site logistics support

WE MOVE provides on-site support for various customers. In such cases, our staff support our customers in the physical provision of logistics services. This support can vary from unloading and dividing up containers to order picking items at the respective customer’s premises. In some cases, WE MOVE delivers and operates fork-lift trucks, reach trucks and order-picking trucks at customer locations.

WE MOVE also offers support with parking trailers on customers’ premises. It can be very useful to exchange a trailer when there is a shortage of space, for example, or when a pick-up needs to take place outside regular business hours.

At WE MOVE, we frequently support our customers in issues concerning their own logistics. Our advice can run from warehouse organisation to fork-lift choice to warehouse-management software. Our team likes to share their experience with customers, and sometimes with delivery addresses, in order to achieve an optimal flow of goods.